Mole brings Asia's First "I Hate Networking" Event to Vietnam business professionals

Mole reshapes networking for introverts. Rain or shine, 200 pros unite in Ho Chi Minh City, forging genuine bonds.

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August 10, 2023
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Jun 23, 2023
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Amidst the lush backdrop of Ho Chi Minh City, a networking revolution was set into motion on June 22, 2023.

Mole, a Malaysian digital business card and networking SaaS platform, kicked off the "I Hate Networking" Event, Asia's pioneering gathering catering to those averse to traditional networking norms.

The exclusive and much-anticipated invite-only event unfolded at Ho Chi Minh City's distinguished venue, The Hive Villa, in seamless collaboration with The Hive Vietnam and esteemed partners – Antler, Beamstart, Eventsize, Hololab, Grootin, and Source. With this remarkable event, Mole inaugurated an Asia-wide networking series tour, ushering in an era of innovative networking experiences across the continent.

Flipping the Script on Networking

Imagine a networking event where eye rolls are replaced by hearty chuckles, and genuine connections take precedence over scripted exchanges. Enter the "I Hate Networking" Event, designed for professionals who've grown weary of the same old routine. Here, like-minded individuals united under the banner of authenticity, converging for genuine conversations and meaningful bonds.

Defying the Drizzle, Welcoming the Crowds

Despite rain-laden clouds and a sprinkling of drizzles, the event proved an irresistible draw. A resolute assembly of 200 business luminaries, representing the diverse tapestry of industries – from tech to advertising, banking to retail, and venture capital – braved the weather. Among these brave souls were top-tier C-suite executives, savvy marketers, ingenious software engineers, perceptive HR professionals, and astute bankers.

A Show of Strength and Demand

"The 'I Hate Networking' Event soared beyond our attendance expectations, underscoring the thirst for an authentic and enjoyable networking experience. We extend our gratitude to our partners for their indispensable contributions to the event's success," declared Melly Ling, Mole's Co-Founder and COO.

Jeffrey Hui, the spirited Country Manager of The Hive Vietnam, concurred, proclaiming, "The Hive's synergy with Mole has yielded transformative results, recalibrating our networking approach. The resounding triumph of this event is a testament to our shared vision and relentless commitment to redefining networking."

From Introverts to Titans: A Speaker Lineup Beyond Compare

At the heart of the event was an illustrious assembly of speakers who catapulted the event to grandeur. Erik Jonsson, an entrepreneurial legend and the first non-Vietnamese Shark on Shark Tank Vietnam, took center stage as Antler's General Partner of South East Asia. Joining him were Soung Rong, Mole's visionary Co-Founder and CEO, and Pham Phuong Linh, Source's ingenious Co-founder and COO. These voices of experience, embracing their introverted natures, unravelled invaluable insights into networking's subtle artistry. Attendees departed enriched, armed with actionable strategies to elevate their networking prowess.

Mole's Nexus of Connection Unveiled

Amidst the event's fervor, Mole unveiled its crowning achievement – a networking platform transforming professional connections. This digital realm, accessible by invitation only, effortlessly bridges professionals with kindred spirits who share similar ambitions and interests. Invited guests plunged hands-on into the Mole networking tool, complete with a QR-coded digital business card for lightning-fast networking.

Reshaping Connections in Vietnam and Beyond

In Soung Rong's words, "Mole's arrival in Vietnam and the launch of our networking platform mark a milestone in redefining professional ties." Mole's ingenious networking platform fosters seamless connections, transcending barriers and supercharging meaningful interactions.

This event wasn't just a moment – it was a seismic shift. Networking transformed from drudgery to delight, paving the way for an authentic, value-driven future of connections. As Mole continues its pioneering odyssey across Asia, the days of perfunctory networking are numbered, replaced by an era of purposeful and pleasurable interactions.

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