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Mole digital nfc business card malaysia

Sell your products online

With no transaction fees.

These apps mean business.

Mole integrates with all of your E-commerce apps.

Mole digital nfc business card malaysia
Mole digital nfc business card malaysia

Create and promote your event online

Automatically syncs with your calendar and event apps.

Mole is built for

From lead generation to networking, Mole mobile-first website builder helps you make use of every interaction.

Connect all of your social channels

We make it easier for your customers to see what you’re sharing and gives them a seamless way to connect with you on your social platforms.

Quick and easy way to chat

We make it faster and easier for your customers to chat with you when you connect your Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger and other messenger apps with Mole.

Saves directly to phone contacts

With our QR-Code-scanning feature, you can store your contacts’ names, numbers, emails and social links in your phonebook automatically. No app required!

Create your custom calendar invites easily

We've made it simple to create and share events with your professional contacts in Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. No code required!

upgrade your networking
Mole NFC business card software
upgrade your networking

Your business card and website, together at last

Mole business card software is the easiest way to create a professional digital business card and website that connects seamlessly with your physical NFC card.

NFC chip card

Shaking hands is so yesterday. Tap your card on a phone to share contact details instantly.

Unlimited scans

Your card comes with a personal QR code which can be scanned unlimited times.

Whatsapp integration

You can easily receive and respond to any enquiries directly from your Whatsapp.

No code required

Forget about coding. Mole's software gets your mobile website ready in minutes, so you can focus on your business.

Brands that love Mole since our beta days
create your mole card in minutes

How Mole works?

It's super easy to create your digital business card with Mole!

Choose a card

Cards are the landing pages of your Mole mobile website. You can easily swipe left or right to move between cards.

Add your content

Customise your cards with product launches, event directory, blog posts, brochure, videos, links and more.

Configure leads

You can track leads and respond to prospects instantly with our contact forms that integrate with Gmail and WhatsApp.

Get your card

Publish your business card online, allowing your clients to save your contact instantly through a custom link or QR code.


All the tools you need to create a business card, professional website and blog. No code required.


We're on a mission to build the best digital card app ever 🦄

We know that's an ambitious goal, and we can't do it without you! Join us in our journey.

Mole software has powerful features that you never imagine a name card would have. This is definitely the future!
Wong Sai Yee
Financial Planner from Kuala Lumpur

Finally a digital card app that comes with a blog! The SEO meta part is impressive... great for rookies!

Ashwin Nair
Digital marketer from Petaling Jaya

My clients are so impressed by my Mole smart card and it lets them remember who I am.

Elaine Wong
Interior Designer from Penang

I remember subscribing to Mole during their beta and they sent me a free NFC card the next week! Overall, great app!

Ronald Lee
Timber Door Company from Pahang

It's simple, and it just works. Way easier to use than V1ce or Zapkad. Get up & going in a few minutes!

Ooi Wei Keong
Online trader from Kuala Lumpur

I like the catalogue feature. Very easy for my customers to see the menu and order through my Whatsapp.

Fatimah Anwar
Home chef from Johor

Love how clean and simple the interface is! Hated other card app solutions because of their clutter and so limited  features. Mole is like a Wix and linktree -all in one!

Bryan Foo
Photographer from Kuala Lumpur

So far Mole is the best digital card app I've seen in the market. Been using it for my small baking business since their beta days.

Lim Yu Mi
Homebaker from Petaling Jaya

I first encountered Mole Cards while networking and a client showed me his Mole Card. It was really cool, and I realised I didn't have to get paper business cards again!

Rashid Hashim
Salesman from Kuching

Love how Mole digital card software is not just a contact card but they actually have listing and event feature that automates with google calendar, zoom and outlook! Super easy to set up too!

Penny Ho
Real Estate Agent from Malacca

Big fan of the Whatsapp order form!
Everything is automated, i don't have to do anything.  Big time saver!

Mei Ling
Freelance Graphic Designer from Subang

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